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A Pinterest-Perfect Graduation Party!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Graduation is an extraordinary milestone, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. We were incredibly honored to be entrusted with the task of planning this graduation party!

Omaha Graduation Party - Canopy
Graduation Party - Canopy

Omaha Graduation Party - Picnic
Graduation Party - Picnic Seating


Picture this: a graduation party - meets luxury picnic - meets fancy soiree - meets some seriously posh seating and breathtaking flowers.


From day one, we hit the ground running to create an atmosphere that mixed delicate elegance and modern boho vibes to bring our client’s Pinterest board to life.

The Planning Process: Every custom event inquiry starts with a call to talk about our client's vision and details for their event. Right after our call ended, we immediately started planning! We created a custom proposal that included a mood board and event layout mockup using actual photos of their backyard. After this was approved, we worked diligently to secure and book all of the vendors, rentals, and details for the event.

Omaha Graduation Party - Event Mockup
Graduation Party - Event Mockup

Omaha Graduation Party Moodboard
Graduation Party - Moodboard


"I can't go on about her Grad Party without pointing out the AMAZING work of Heartland Gatherings!! Friends, these ladies (Jess, Shannon and Hope) put their hearts into every detail of her party. 🎉🎓The best part, they felt like friends we have known for life and we could not THANK them enough! 🤍 Such a great day! We would recommend you again and again!!! 🙌🏻"


We truly went all out to make our client’s dreams come true! We transformed their beautiful lawn into the coziest hangout spot ever with a mix of our signature luxury picnic seating and formal seating under a high-peak canopy tent, both serving as focal points of the celebration.

Finding the right balance between casual and elegant seating was a big deal to us and our client. With meticulous attention to detail, we seamlessly integrated formal seating arrangements underneath the canopy in addition to an adjacent beautiful picnic setup.

Canopy Seating: Underneath the canopy, rows of elegant white resin chairs lined each table, bestowing a sense of sophistication and distinction. We opted for crisp white linens and chairs with soft pink runners, giving our hand-crafted floral arrangements their moment to truly shine!

Luxury Picnic Seating: The picnic seating incorporated our floor seating tables, pillows, and a plethora of rich hues and jewel tones with wild grasses, faux fur accents, and gold touches. we also brought along our matching patio umbrellas to provide much-needed shade from the mid-day sun.

Boho Lounge Area: In addition to this, we also created a boho lounge seating area at the head of the picnic table that doubled as the perfect instagrammable backdrop for photos. This setup incorporated our vintage mid-century modern chairs + bench, vintage rugs, large arch backdrop set, and custom vinyl + letterboard signage.

Floral Arrangements: We adorned the formal tables and cocktail tables with beautiful wildflower bud vase arrangements. We carefully picked out vibrant, bouncy blooms that matched the color palette of the event. It was like a poetic ode to the journey of graduation, filled with growth, beauty, and endless possibilities. The sweet scent of celebration filled the air, creating an experience that words simply can't describe. You truly had to be there!

Here at Heartland Gatherings, we're all about creating events that you’ll dream about for years to come! We brought together joy and sophistication in one epic tapestry, honoring the past, embracing the present, and looking forward to a future filled with endless possibilities. We feel honored to be part of these milestone celebrations, creating memories that'll forever be etched into the fabric of life.


What are you waiting for?! Reach out to us today and let us put the ART in your next pARTy! ✨️


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